The Undercover Monk

Ζεις ό,τι προ(σ)καλείς.

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The Undercover MonkThe Undercover MonkThe Undercover Monk




tea and sandals

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and for when things get rocky...

The Undercover Monk
you'll find comforting thoughts here. ;)
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So, jump right in!

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Covid19: Thank you for the recalculating.

Αυτοσχεδιάζοντας κατά την #menoumespiti περίοδο.

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24 μέρες στο βουνό.

Κοσμοκαλόγερος aka undercover monk κάτω απ' το δέντρο.

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Dress Code? μυστικος δειπνος.

EFTYCHIA. Fashion Designer. Greek. Wonderful person. Enjoy!

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